Ageless Rejuvinating Serum 30ml


Contains active ingredients from plant bio-technology that stimulates cell regeneration and rejuvenation of the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.Its powerful combination of antioxidant agents and anti-wrinkles ingredients restore the skin’s functionality and youthful glow, by promoting cell detoxification, regeneration, wound healing, collagen and elastin synthesis and hydration. It provides noticeable brightening and evening of the skin tone, refines skin pores, provides skin moisturization, firmness and elasticity, resulting to a healthy, fair and youthful glow.
Size: 30 milliliters
Ingredients: Stem cell from plant bio-technology combined with matrixyl peptide series, bio-hyaluronate, Ceramide, Vitamin A, C and E and Niacin Pure.
Direction for use: Apply thinly on the face and neck, twice a day, after cleansing with mild cleanser and water.
Caution: Avoid Use during pregnancy and lactation. Avoid contact with mucous membranes such as eyes, eyelids, nose and lips.
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