Rose Facial Cleanser (Masumi)


The Masumi Facial Cleanser does more than cleansing of your skin from dirt and oil. The premium rose extract’s anti-ageing formula prevents wrinkles on your skin. It has skin lightening, antioxidants, and anti-acne to make your skin clear, supple, and protected from harmful UV rays, giving you that rosy radiance. Infused with aloe vera extract, Masumi Facial Cleanser also soothes and restores the skin’s natural softness, giving it a smooth and moisturized after-use feel for that absolute freedom from impurities and skin antagonists.


Rose Extract – Protection from ultraviolet ray absorption. anti-oxidant. It helps prevent ageing and wrinkles. Prevents melanin formation.
Aloe Vera Extract – Helps minimize skin damage. Anti irritant. Moisturizer.
Vitamin E – Anti-oxidant, moisturizing, Anti-aging, helps maintain the integrity and beauty of the skin.
Papaya Latex – helps remove dead skin cells and smoothen skin. Helps lighten freckles. Skin renewal.

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