Experience the Skin Perfect beauty

With seventeen years of experience,
Skin Perfect offers revolutionary skin care advancements
to bring out a more beautiful you.



Facial Treatment

Designed to pamper you and your skin, eliminate dirt and impurities and help your skin absorb more oxygen. Leaving your skin refreshed and blemish-free. 

Age Defying

Relax and thoroughly cleanse your skin while helping it absorb more oxygen. Naturally restore moisture loss to dull, dehydrated skin.

Lifting and Firming

Lift sagging skin while targeting fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with smoother and firmer skin.

Acne Control

Experience gentle yet effective treatments, inflammation control, balancing masks, advanced LED therapy, and tailored solutions from mild to severe acne. 

Oily and Visible Pores

Our signature facial deeply cleanses and helps the skin to better absorb oxygen and helps control inflammation and excess oil.

Whitening and Moisturizing

Unveil radiant skin as we gently exfoliate and lighten pigmentation, while infusing nourishing moisture. Targeted Vitamin C infusion and rejuvenating LED light enhance your glow. 




Discover a wide range of whitening services that unveil your skin’s natural radiance. Our specialized treatments cater to your skin’s unique needs, revealing a smoother, even-toned, radiant skin with specialized care.


Discover our slimming services, featuring Therma Slim – Radio Frequency w Q10 Enzyme. Melt away fat, enhance skin tone, and boost circulation while relieving muscle pain. Your journey to a sculpted, revitalized body begins here.

Back Care

Treat bacne with this laser treatment that targets enlarged pores, excess oil and
pimples. Choose to add on the Whitening Seaweed mask that normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat and dries out acne rashes and pimples.

Other Body Treatments

Elevate self-care with our body services: Revive hair growth through Scalp Care, conquer sweat and odor with Axilla Sweat Control, and bid farewell to warts with scar-free Wartzero. Discover confidence in tailored treatments, spark your best self.

Hair Removal

Wax Treatments

Eliminate unwanted hair with our wax treatments that leave you
with smooth and flawless skin.

Diode Laser

Laser hair removal is the answer to all your constant struggles in maintaining smooth, hair-free skin. It is a cosmetic medical
procedure. It uses a pulsating beam of light emitted by a laser machine. In fact, this beam of light energy helps to remove and get rid of unwanted hair.